Water Proofing

Hack off loosed and defective area.
Removing all cement laitance, flaky parts and traces of powder, grease, oil and form release agents by pressure water jets.
Seal up the cracks by injection method as shown and repair the other defective area as below: Patch up the defective concrete substrate by the materials “Mix” if necessary.
Make good the concrete defective spots by applying “Primer Mix” Bonding Primer Mix: Cement and parts Coverage depends on concrete substrate roughness
Wood float to roughen surface of the patching repair area prior to apply the first coat
Applying 1st layer cementations waterproofing slurry with the polyester woven reinforced fabric to cover the whole defective area.
Applying second coat waterproofing slurry in cross brush method.
Repair mortar mix on top whilst the bonding primer still tacky (to working consistency).
Inspection and Finishing works for water proofing.

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